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Borderlands 2 to get content boost this fall


The Borderlands series has built a rabid fan base by providing a massive open world full of treasures to loot and enemies to fights. Even without add-on content, it's a massive game to explore, but developer 2K has piled on with four large packs of downloadable content to expand the world. Borderlands 2 is already an absurdly big game. But it can get bigger.

2K Games has announced a new batch of downloadable content for the game will be released in the fall. Along with the expected new levels and boss fights, gamers can also look forward to an increased level cap, from 61 to 72. While the DLC's themes haven't been announced yet the bar was raised considerably with the last release, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, which placed players in a Dungeons and Dragons-themed fantasy world. With assault rifles.

Sadly this new downloadable content isn't available under the Season Pass that allowed players to purchase the first DLC packs at a discounted rate. Apparently the Season Pass only included the first four packs, which is fair given the amount of content those add-ons provided.

While the Mac version of Borderlands 2 was released after the game hit PC and consoles, these new updates will be available for all platforms at the same time. We'll have more information as it becomes available.

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