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EA reports flat first quarter of fiscal 2014

Jordan Mallory

EA has released its financial report for the first quarter of fiscal 2014, which spans the three month period ending on June 30. When compared with the publishing goliath's performance during that same window in fiscal 2013, there wasn't a tremendous amount of change in terms of either revenue or profit.

Total revenue (read: income) for the period tallied up at $949 million; not even one percent less than the $955 million earned by the end of Q1 2013. Meanwhile, post-tax, post-operating expense profit for Q1 of fiscal 2014 was $222 million, which was a 10-percent increase over the $201 million in profit gained during the same time last year.

Looking forward, EA expects about $625 million in revenue for the second quarter, but does expect a loss for the soft summer months.

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