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What do you want out of the Warcraft movie?

It's true: Blizzard's Warcraft movie is back in business. We'd heard that filming would start in 2014 and Blizzard recently confirmed it at San Diego Comic-Con, even showing off a teaser trailer. Director Duncan Jones explained that the teaser was only a "mood piece" -- and, indeed, since they haven't started shooting yet there's a lot of work to go before the Warcraft movie becomes reality. This puts us, as spectators, in an exciting position: with little to no info on what the Warcraft movie might contain, the movie could still be anything we might want it to be.

And that said: what do you want the Warcraft movie to be? What characters, stories, and places do you want to see on the big screen? What would be the best storyline to adapt to film... or would you prefer to see something new and original?

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