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Historic London Apple Store undergoing renovation


One of Apple's most high-profile stores is undergoing a renovation to tweak the design to perfection. According to, the Covent Garden Apple Store in London is having minor work done at night so that the busy store can remain open for business during the day.

Most of the renovation work appears to be aimed at smoothing the "flow of visitors into and within the store," including moving a display table that's nearest to the iconic glass staircase so that there's more room for greeting customers. The store's Genius Bar has been converted to the popular new 360-degree version, providing a more personable one-on-one situation between the store Geniuses and their customers.

Wall-mounted graphics panels have been replaced with a newer design that allows for faster switching of the artwork, which should come in handy when new products or promotions are announced. Accent lighting under the glass staircase that was apparently turned off most of the time because of heat issues is now being removed, and the surrounding stonework will be replaced.

Has your favorite Apple Store received any renovations lately? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

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