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Camera+ adds layered effects, effect packs


Tap Tap Tap has released version 3.9 of the powerful Camera+ app for iPhone this morning, as well as version 1.4 for iPad. The new release has a major feature that should make the more than 10.5 million users happy -- the ability to layer effects in the iPhone app. If you don't already own Camera+, it will be on sale for US$0.99 through Sunday, August 4. If you do have Camera+ on your iPhone, prepare to be amazed.

Multiple effects can be added and removed, rearranged, and the intensity of each filter can be tweaked separately. A dynamic preview shows you exactly how your photo is going to look prior to saving it.

Tap Tap Tap is also announcing the release of The Hollywood FX Pack, a set of 9 new effects and 9 new borders available for in-app purchase. It's inspired by movies and TV shows, and includes effects with names like Neo, Silent Movie, Enterprise and Gotham. The bizarre image at the top of this post was produced with the new Dreamstate effect, part of the Hollywood FX Pack. A few new widescreen cinematic crops -- 1.85:1 and 2.39:1 have been added as well.

As an example of how layering works, the image below shows the result of adding five separate filters at various intensity levels: Action at 40 percent, Faded at 31 percent, Hipster at 79 percent, So Emo at 38 percent, and Vibrant at 89 percent.

Camera adds layered effects, effect packs

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