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Refurbished Apple TV now just $75


Though Apple likes to refer to the Apple TV as nothing more than a "hobby," the device continues to sell extremely well. To date, Apple has sold well over 13 million Apple TV units with about half of those sales occurring in 2013.

Today, Apple made the Apple TV just a tad more affordable, lowering the price on a refurbished model down to $75. Previously, a refurbished Apple TV would have cost you $85. With a fresh Apple TV running at $99, you can now get your hands on an Apple TV for 25% off.

The offer is only available via Apple's online store, so expect to pay full price if you saunter into a physical Apple retail location. You can, however, order online and have the device shipped to a nearby Apple retail store.

Get em' while they're hot... and refurbished.

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