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Pandaren levels 1 to 60 as a neutral, not picking sides in the Alliance and Horde conflict


The World of Warcraft Pandaren player "Doubleagent" has rejected the Alliance and Horde conflict entirely and reached level 60 without picking a side. He has, in essence, created his own neutral faction, ingeniously manipulating the game's mechanics to accomplish this feat. As far as we're able to tell, he's the first player to pull this off.

Doubleagent was able to level like this by just picking flowers all day long in the Pandaren starting zone (which you can't leave until you've picked a faction). With the experience provided by herbalism he found that leveling became a thing he could do simply while watching TV, browsing Facebook, and everything else one can do while not paying close attention to the game. The only non-herbalism experience came from his initial run through of the starting zone quests and monsters.

Congrats to WoW's Doubeagent. I hope Blizzard takes notice and names a character or a piece of gear after you!

Edit: Corrected type of player.

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