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IKEA allows you to virtually furnish your room through augmented reality


IKEA has released the 2014 version of its catalog app with a cool new feature. It lets users virtually furnish their rooms using augmented reality.

Shoppers get started by scanning one of the 90 AR-enabled product pages in the IKEA print catalog with the digital IKEA Catalog app. They then place the catalog on the floor of the room in which they want the virtual representation of furniture to appear. A 3D model of the chosen product will then appear in that room on the iPhone's or iPad's screen.

What's really clever is the app actually uses the relative size of the catalog in your room to determine the size of the 3D model it should display on your screen. It's gimmicky, sure, but visualizing new furniture in your room is often the hardest part. IKEA just made it easier.

IKEA Catalog is a free download.

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