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PS Vita update 2.60 plays nice with the PS Plus cloud


A new firmware update for the PS VIta has been released, available upon booting up your handheld. Software update version 2.60 adds PlayStation Plus to each game's live area, making it easier to manage data to and from the cloud.

Version 2.60 also adds a shortcut to the network settings tab. Simply hold down the PS button on the Vita for a few seconds and it'll take you right there, allowing you to quickly address access airplane mode, WiFi settings, Bluetooth and, depending on your handheld model, 3G connection.

Another new feature is video and music streaming, now possible through connected devices and the PS3 without having to go through the laborious task of copying files to your PS Vita. Finally, more video formats are now supported by the PS Vita browser and there are new privacy settings for sharing trophy data.

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