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King of Fighters 13 hitting Steam on September 13


King of Fighters 13 has found a home on Steam, hitting PC on September 13 for $30. Buy it before launch day and get it for $25, 17 percent off. Those who want to jump into the action early can apply to be a Steam Edition beta tester now, and SNK Playmore will pick 300 players in a lottery drawing on August 19.

The Steam Edition features online, tutorial and story modes upgraded from the console version, and includes three DLC characters – "Iori with the Power of Flames," "NESTS Style Kyo" and "Mr. Karate" – available right from the start.

We had an inkling that King of Fighters 13 would come to Steam when it showed up in the distributor's database in February, and again last week when a trailer popped up.

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