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MechWarrior Online, Sarah's Jenner pull in $100k for cancer research

Jef Reahard

A while back we reported on Piranha Games' decision to honor MechWarrior Online fan Sarah Parries with with Sarah's Jenner. Sarah, age five, favored the Jenner while playing MWO with her father, so when she succumbed to cancer, Pirahna decided to sell a special version of her favorite ride and donate all of the proceeds to the Canadian Cancer Society in her name.

Game Informer reports that the event has brought in $100,000, with more to come since Sarah's Jenner remains on sale through August 20th. "The response from the MechWarrior community and from the games industry at large has been overwhelming," said Piranha creative director Bryan Ekman. "We can't thank everyone enough for unifying in this effort to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society and cancer research."

[Thanks SpaceCobra!]

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