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Mighty Switch Force 2 set for a controlled burn on Wii U, dev says


Mighty Switch Force 2, the sequel to Wayforward's 3DS platformer of a similar name, will come to Wii U eventually, the developer told Nintendo Everything. It's "kind of a backburner project" at the moment, though there should be an official announcement in the coming weeks, Wayforward said.

Mighty Switch Force, the first game in the series, debuted on 3DS in December 2011, and in July 2012 it was the first 3DS game announced for Wii U. Mighty Switch Force 2 landed on 3DS eShop this June, and we found it to be "an impressively economical 3DS game that packs a lot of interesting phase-shifting puzzle platforming into a relatively small set of levels."

On July 15, a PEGI rating outed Wayforward's intention to take Mighty Switch Force 2 to Wii U.

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