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Sir, You Are Being Hunted lines up on Steam, Humble Store on Aug. 19


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Sir, You Are Being Hunted hits Steam and the Humble Store in an alpha version on August 19. For someone being hunted, it seems odd to announce an intended location on a specific date, but we're happy to have the information. And so are the hunters, we bet.

The alpha version includes base-level hunter AI, dogs, sentry balloons and a mid-level robot guard, The Squire, all as enemies to out-maneuver with guns, bombs, traps and cunning. After playing through the game in this alpha version, another archipelago generates for a brand new, replayable experience.

Developer Big Robot calls its release process "live development," with more content added over time and instantly available to those who own the alpha version. Pre-orders are live now on the Humble Store for $20, and all Kickstarter backers should get the game instantly on August 19. The game is in development for PC, Mac and Linux.

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