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Patch 5.4 hits the background downloader


WoW Insider posted yesterday about the tentative confirmation of patch 5.4's release date, and there's yet more compelling evidence of its imminent arrival as it hits the background downloader. While this definitely should not be taken as evidence that the date of August 27th is all sewn up, it does imply that the patch is imminent. However, as Blizzard Community Manager Lore tweeted yesterday, the developers are winding up for the damage tuning phase, so there's still some changes to make before patch 5.4 comes to a live server near you.

Nonetheless, it's not long now before you'll be romping merrily around the Timeless Isle, besieging Orgrimmar, playing arenas across realms with reckless abandon, and proving yourself in the grounds of the same name! Check out WoW Insider's Patch 5.4 coverage while you sparkle with anticipation!

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