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The Dark Below is likely a hoax


It happens to all of us now and then, and there was something fishy about The Dark Below from the out, but we couldn't confirm it. The trademark was undiscoverable on the US trademarks website, right up until it appeared in the form of, well, a form.

A form is just that, a form. It cannot be used as evidence of a submission of a trademark, nor of the creation of a submission. A form really is simply a form. And we should have been more suspicious. The original source, MMO Champion, fell play to the same ruse, as did other media outlets, and just like them, we're calling ourselves out. It happens, and this is yet more evidence why things like these should be read with caution.

Or, this is Blizzard's most epic double-bluff yet.

Editor's Note: We've reached out to Blizzard for comment. We'll update this article if/when we hear back.

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