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Camelot Unchained update talks Cait Sith race

Jef Reahard

CityState head honcho Mark Jacobs is back for another Friday afternoon update regarding Camelot Unchained. This time the topic du jour is a "possible Arthurian race" called the Cait Sith.

Jacobs says that CityState's Cait Sith interpretation will avoid the well-worn anthropomorphic path trod by the Thundercats and untold numbers of fantasy video games.

Instead, CU's cats must be "badass," and "must look like the meanest, scariest, top of the food chain beings in the Realm." Unfortunately there's no concept art on display as of yet, but Jacobs says that CityState is working on it. Other potential racial attributes include shapeshifting abilities and a uniquely feline society. Finally, there's an extensive bit of Cait Sith lore. Read all about it by clicking through to the links below.

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