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Lucid's new racer is 2K Drive, coming to iOS in early September


Lucid Games, a UK developer formed in the wake of Bizarre Creations' closure in February 2011, announced its new game, 2K Drive. At least, it showed off an announcement trailer for the game, which has been out in the Netherlands for over two months.

Published by 2K Games, 2K Drive is a iOS-exclusive racer that boasts licensed cars, real-world locations and "console quality graphics." Completing races will earn players stars and coins to upgrade their vehicles as well as purchase "boosts" and new cars entirely.

Lucid Games have not revealed a price or in which regions the game will launch, but it noted via Twitter that it will not be free to play. The developer also tweeted that it is aiming to launch 2K Drive in "early September." Once glance at our calendars tells us that's pretty soon.

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