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No comment: 'Let's build a statue of Steve Jobs'


OK, so I lied. I am going to make a comment: this is one of the most inane crowdfunding projects ever. A group is seeking US$50,000 on Indiegogo to build a statue of Steve Jobs to be located "somewhere in the Bay Area." That $50K figure is based on a life-sized statue of El Jobso, but the people behind this project have big dreams and with tongues firmly implanted in cheek, say that if funding is beyond their wildest dreams they'll "aim for Statue of Liberty and Colossus of Rhodes proportions."

So, what do you get as far as perks at various funding levels? Well, $100 will get you a copy of Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs, which you can buy in hardback for about $21 on Amazon. For $200, you get a black turtleneck shirt for "Jobs' signature look." Jobs actually wore black mock turtlenecks designed specifically for him by Japanese designer Issey Miyake. At the $25 level, your donation gets you an 8 x 10-inch glossy picture of Steve Jobs. C'mon, really? The list goes on, and it ain't pretty.

Personally, I think the best monuments to Steve Jobs are the products that we carry with us all the time, or those that we spend our working and leisure hours with. The new "spaceship" headquarters building in Cupertino, one of the last projects that Jobs had a direct hand in, will truly be a lasting and impressive monument to the man.

At publication time, the project had raised a whopping $108.

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