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Around Azeroth: I'm never going back to my old school


"During a late night chat with guildies, we were reminiscing about the old class quests of Vanilla and how truly epic they felt," writes submitter Dancemacabre of Provocative on Vashj (US-H0. "One in particular was the Dreadsteed of Xoroth questline. I remember being a fresh 60, looking forward to the quest. I chose alchemy as a profession just to bypass the middle man of shadow elixirs and arcanite bars, trying to find a group for Scholomance to get to the alchemy lab and trying to find a Dire Maul West run-through. I lamented the loss of soul shards and thought the scenario would be unable to be replicated, but after some chit-chat, I decided to try it out anyway and see how far I would get.

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"Much to my elated surprise, I no longer needed the reagent to keep the items up, as I could just right click them. It felt great to relive the old memories of waves of demons breaking through, causing havoc while trying to keep the bell, candle, and lodestone up. Finally, when the waves were dragged back and the calm settled, I used my glyphs, and sure enough, the Dreadsteed of Xoroth appeared."

"I was so happy for keeping the materials that just sat inert in my bank taking up space and being able to relive an old class quest. Now that I know that I can still perform the ritual, I hope to take younger locks to witness a part of history, and why us older folks are so nostalgic for the times when a quest involved globetrotting, gathering materials, grouping with others to run several dungeons, and seeing something that was unique to your class."

"The Green Fire quest is great, but I miss the days when they made you, the hero, go through trials to prove that you are worthy to wield such a power. Submitted are some screenshots I hope capture the awe and epic feeling of an event you created, fought through, and earned your prize."

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