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Daily iPhone App: Habit List


I'm one of those people who, for as long as I can remember, has made a daily list of things I need to get done on a little Post-it note. I'll scribble "Write that review for TUAW," "Walk the dog" and "Go grocery shopping" over and over again as the days go by. And though I've always looked for an app that could replace my Post-it notes, I've never found a good one that allowed me to enter a repeating reminder and have it automatically appear again the next day. That is, until someone told me about Habit List.

Habit List is a simple, beautifully designed app that allows you to make repeating lists of things to do, check them off with a swipe as you accomplish them and then have them automatically reappear the next day when you need to do them again. The app is such an indispensable part of my daily routine that it's made it into the coveted dock spot on my iPhone.

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For each item that you add to your habit list, you can choose how often it repeats with very flexible scheduling. For example, you could have "Work out" appear on specific days, like every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; on an interval schedule, like "Every 2-3 days"; or on non-specific days, like "5 days a week." As you complete items on your list, simply swipe over them to mark them as done. They'll automatically appear on your list again the next day they are due.

Habit List also allows you to set reminders to complete items and to view stats for every item completed (or not). This is especially great for fitness- or work-related tasks, as you can see how dedicated you are to the job at hand. In addition to a wide array of scheduling options and alerts, the app also offers a number of settings -- like the ability to choose your list's fonts -- that help you customize the app even more.

The only bad thing about Habit List is that it is iPhone-only. What stops this app from being perfect is the lack of an iPad and OS X menu bar app with iCloud syncing. Sometimes I'll work at my computer, complete a task and find it to be a pain to have to remember to pull out my iPhone to swipe it off. Having the ability to cross off a completed item from a dropdown menu bar app on my Mac and then have that item completion propagate across all my devices via iCloud would be great.

Still, I'm just thankful an app like Habit List exists, even if it is iPhone-only. For US$1.99, it's a steal. I'll save at least that much each month by not having to buy Post-it's anymore.

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