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APB Reloaded offers more gun-borne pathogens to players

Eliot Lefebvre

A week ago, APB Reloaded introduced a new gun that had a unique trick to it: You could only get the gun if someone killed you with it. The Colby .45 AP was a hit, and killing several players offered a special title, so the team decided to go to the next level with new guns that travel like diseases. Players who rack up kills with the limited-time Colby .45 AP can unlock two new weapons based on the Argotech Close Engagement System (ACES) platform.

The ACES SMG boasts a permanent modification that increases its rate of fire while degrading accuracy, making it ideal for taking down opponents in close quarters. The ACES rifle, on the other had, has an extra-long barrel for increased accuracy and damage, turning the same core weapon into a long-range killer. If you've already got the Colby, start racking up kills to unlock the SMG and then the rifle; if you don't, the handgun can be purchased from Armas or Joker Distribution. Start infecting people with bullets!

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