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DayZ standalone release date waiting on 'core network architecture'


DayZ creator Dean Hall told us today at Gamescom that the standalone version of the hit Arma 2 zombie mod, originally expected last year, doesn't have a release window anymore, but he did explain the delay.

"The awkward thing is the only thing we're waiting on is the core network architecture. That's the kind of thing only a few people can work on. It's very specialized," Hall said. "It's like, you can't throw more pilots at a plane. You put a thousand pilots in a plane it's not going to fly any faster."

Hall said that while the network architecture is being developed, other work is proceeding with the artists, animators and designers. And once the network architecture is completed to the satisfaction of the brutal multiplayer survival game: "Bam, it's go time."

Although the success of the DayZ mod made the standalone version possible, Hall actually would like to see the rabid expectation for the game die down just a tiny bit.

"I think the best thing that could happen is if DayZ fell off a little," said Hall. "I think if DayZ has a soft launch it's the best thing that can happen to it. Because then a few people will play it and say 'this is cool, I want to play it with my friends.' The best thing that could happen."

"If most of the community who maybe thought DayZ was cool a year ago and now they think it's lame, I think that's probably good for us. We don't need to sell that many copies to break-even. We want to be a hardcore game and I think if we make a good game people will come back."

He concluded, "The worst thing we could do would be to release too early. Flat out, that's the stupidest thing we could do. [The alpha launch] is going to be riddled with bugs, but the one thing I don't want it to be riddled with is terrible multiplayer, it's a multiplayer game."

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