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Breakfast Topic: How are you preparing for patch 5.4?


So it's official: Patch 5.4, The Siege of Orgrimmar, comes out Tuesday, Sept. 10. Tourist types and power gamers who've long since whisked through Throne of Thunder content will be happy to know there remain only a few more weeks of mind-numbing misery before Blizzard flings open the doors on a feast of new content. If that's you, would you mind bringing us a sandwich as you stroll past? Because some of us (most of us?) will be racing through checklists of last-minute tasks designed to tweak and preen and prep our characters for the coming battle.

How will you be spending the next couple of weeks before The Siege of Orgrimmar? Are your characters ready to stride into the breach, or do you have some prep work ahead? Have you finished running through Battlefield Barrens? (Better scurry -- this content is likely to disappear come 5.4.) How many of you would like to finish the long slog to the top of the Golden Lotus heap before patch 5.4 arrives? What else is on your pre-patch prep plate?

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