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Peggle 2 gets animated masters, new abilities

Xav de Matos, @Xav

During Microsoft's Xbox One event at Gamescom, EA announced Peggle 2 would come to the next-gen platform. Speaking with GameInformer, Lead Producer Jared Neuss revealed some of the changes the game will see when it arrives later this year.

PopCap's pachinko-inspired game features new worlds, new masters - those amazing characters that gave players special abilities - and a different method of bringing its characters to life. They are now fully animated and react to the on-screen action, Neuss said. Showcasing a new character with the ability to hide a board's blue pegs, Neuss said the new Master powers will be very "over-the-top compared to the old Master powers."

Despite changes, Peggle 2 looks a lot like Peggle. But ... Saying "Peggle 2 looks like more Peggle" is like saying, "Why do I have all this dumb blood in my body?" Well, because you need it to live.

Peggle 2 will arrive on the Xbox One at the console's launch and make its way to other, unspecified platforms, at an undisclosed date.

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