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Darkfall working on better chat interface and AI upgrades


Darkfall is making the most of the hot summer months as the team is scrambling to finish up a few projects and keep tabs on the Asian version in testing. In a recent update letter, everyone's favorite snack chips-slash-developer Tasos Flambouras relays a list of what the team has been working on.

Among the projects listed is a new chat interface, more functional clan vault logs, AI upgrades for mobs, a new Skirmisher school, and role balance. The patch to deliver some of these changes should be coming in the next month.

"We're also supporting our Korean partner with the Korean and Japanese versions of Darkfall Unholy Wars," Flambouras writes. "We believe that the game has already benefited and will keep benefiting from this cooperation in the form of feedback we get, feature requests, optimizations, additional content as well as from the new perspective of a different market."

[Thanks to Dengar for the tip!]

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