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Breakfast Topic: Will you miss the WoW TCG?

It's official: the WoW TCG is dead. The latest expansion -- Timewalkers: Reign of Fire -- will be the game's last. But will WoW-players miss it? The game was certainly fun for WoW-players who were interested in card gaming, but for computer-accustomed gamers the difference in gameplay could be quite a leap. And with Blizzard attempting to bridge the gap themselves with the digital card game Hearthstone -- and former WoW TCG-maker Cryptozoic developing their own digital card game Hex -- perhaps the era of the TCG has simply come to its natural end.

That said, we will miss the cool loot cards the TCG had... though we won't miss the battle to collect them. (Fortunately, though, the last expansion has extra loot cards so we can get our looting in before the game is gone.) But what about you, readers? Are you sorry to see the TCG go -- or does it not matter to you in the least?

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