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Super Adventure Box returns to Guild Wars 2 [Updated with magic find stuff]


The rumors are true: Super Adventure Box is coming back to Guild Wars 2 for a 2013 encore event! The next content update for the game won't merely trot out the old April Fools Day content for another go, but will also add several new levels and challenges.

When players return to the retro-themed game-within-a-game, they'll have the chance to push onward into World 2 with several new levels and a terrifying end boss: the Storm Wizard. ArenaNet is also adding a new Tribulation Mode for those who like a challenge, more super weapon skins, boss weapons, and the chance to craft a Princess Miya mini.

The forthcoming update isn't just about the Super Adventure Box; players will be able to craft ascended weapons and push up to 500 skill points in weaponsmith, artificer, and huntsman crafting. Legendary weapons will be buffed and magic find will be stripped away from all gear in favor of adding it as an account-wide bonus.

You can prepare by checking out our previous guide to Super Adventure Box and our analysis of its soundtrack.

[Source: ArenaNet press release]

[Update: ArenaNet has confirmed on its forums that celestial gear will lose its magic find stat and food will keep it. For everything else, Martin Kerstein posted the following: "Weapons, armor and trinkets with magic find will become account bound, lose their current stats and will gain the ability to be double-clicked to select one of several stat options depending on the item. For example, if you have an Explorer's Pearl Staff, you can now double-click it to change it to any other crafting stat."]

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