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Raptr revives RIFT rewards, Defiance discount

MJ Guthrie

Back in March, Trion partnered with Raptr to introduce a four-tiered reward system to help revitalize RIFT. Three months later, another reward incentive gave folks in-game armor, an exclusive mount, and a special Raptr pet. And now, it's time for another bout of rewards! Raptr has revived those very June rewards for RIFT, offering once again the armor, mount, and pet to those who join the community.

The rewards, however, don't end with RIFT. Raptr has also revived the Defiance rewards (30% off the game) and added exclusive limited access to the alpha version of End of Nations.

[Source: Raptr press release]

[Update: Trion has let us know that part or all of this morning's press release may have been in error. Stand by for clarification from the source!]

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