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Breakfast Topic: Where's your World of Warcraft vacation spot?

While we spend most of our time in World of Warcraft doing quests, running dungeons, and dealing with the constant struggle between the alliance, the horde, and, well, everyone else, the game's landscape is really quite lovely. In fact, we're sure that many parts of the land would make for ideal vacation spots -- at least if you could get rid of the murlocs, naga, and other unfriendlies inhabiting prime getaway spots. You have to wonder: with (nearly) every inch of World of Warcraft crawling with violent and dangerous creatures, just where do the denizens of Azeroth go for their vacations?

So tell us, readers: what do you think the World of Warcraft's hottest vacation spots are? Or at least where they could be, murlocs aside. And, no, we aren't just asking because we have goblin real estate moguls pressuring us to find them a new development site. Really, we aren't. So get answering! After all, time is money.

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