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NASDAQ extends Majesco's delisting grace period, new deadline Feb. 2014

Jordan Mallory

NASDAQ has given Cooking Mama publisher Majesco another 180 days to raise its (beef) stock value above $1.00, after the company failed to meet yesterday's existing deadline for the same goal. Majesco now has until February 24 of next year to become compliant with NASDAQ Listing Rule 5550, subsection A, article two, which requires trading companies to have a "minimum bid price of at least $1 per share."

Previously, Majesco had 180 days (starting last March) to increase its stock value, lest it be delisted from NASDAQ and forced to toil endlessly in the Salt Mines of Thælm on Baltharia 7's Dark Moon. Okay maybe not that second thing, but getting delisted from NASDAQ is pretty horrible on its own. As of press time, Majesco's stock is trading at $0.64 a share.

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