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Cloud Serpent riding account-wide? Yes please.


Ghostcrawler took to Twitter last week and dropped a nice little hint at his thoughts process: Cloud Serpent Riding might be going account-wide.

Okay Greg, what battle pet do I have to sacrifice for this to become a reality? Do you want one of my rare drakes? You can have it. Consider it forsaken to the crab god for this bountiful gift. Just make it a reality, and not one of those forgotten ponies.*

The idea that cloud serpent riding could become an account-wide thing really pleases me in so many ways. First, it opens up a handful of mounts that I really like to use on my alts, and secondly, it means that on some of my "second main" alts there's one less reputation that I will feel guilty about not leveling.

I suspect that this will encourage more people to work on the reputation as well, given it's going to apply across the board. One thing that this dose beg the question though, is how easily could other reps / achievements be linked in account-wide. I'm looking at you Netherdrakes.

Of course this is all just a tweet, and absolutely should not be taken as a for sure thing. Ghostcrawler and others at Blizzard get very open and philosophical about their ideas, and tweets like this do not constitute an announcement in any way, shape, or form.

*Editor's Note: That paragraph might be the most confusing and awkward thing in the world to read for someone new to the game. Suffice it to say, he has not harmed any equestrians.

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