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The Secret World's new outfit a deal for impulse buyers only

MJ Guthrie

So, we already know about The Secret World's new Gilded Rage event that starts today. We also know that the special AP bonus is only for this weekend only. But did you know that the event has a special semi-exclusive outfit available to players in the item shop? Well now you do! And if there is any chance at all you want to get this shiny new ensemble, you'd better put aside your leisurely shopper ways and jump on it ASAP.

What makes this outfit semi-exclusive? Style and Gilt is currently being sold for 90% off (lining it up with the cost of all others in the store); however, apparently once the weekend is over, the original price will be implemented and the cost will skyrocket up to the ranks of EVE's infamous monocle. How many will be willing to spend 12,000 points ($90) on a little golden sheen?

Tell us your thoughts: Do you appreciate the fact that an event-exclusive outfit will actually be available after the fact even (at an exorbitant cost), or would you prefer the outfit to just retire from the store? Let us know in the comments below.

[Thanks to Rachel for the tip!]

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