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Neo's Land sandbox launches Kickstarter


A new Kickstarter project, Neo's Land, doesn't just want gamers to play it -- it wants gamers to create it. NeoJac Entertainment (Islands of War) has created a toolset that allows players to mold the in-game world from buildings to landscapes. The developers will hold regular contests to prompt more world building.

Neo's Land will be a proper MMO, with PvE and PvP play, a skill-based character system without levels or classes, dungeons, and a player-driven economy. As if shaping the game world wasn't enough, Neo's Land will also feature player-created quests.

Much of Neo's Land is already complete, but the team wants to raise $100,000 to power up this vision and get the game across the finish line. It's looking at a 2014 release if all goes well, but you can check out the possibilities with the videos after the jump, and expect to see our detailed Q&A with the team in a future installment of Some Assembly Required.

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