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Sony's new PlayStation Vita TV won't run all Vita games


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Sony's mini-console has certainly got our attention. It's a bold and relatively cheap new way of entering the world of PlayStation, but it won't work with all your Vita games. The company has published a list of compatible titles and we can already spot that the likes of Gravity Rush, Wipeout and Uncharted are absent from it. Fortunately, the list of Japanese titles we'll be able to play on the $100 device is still pretty lengthy, and some exceptions were to be expected in any case -- the Vita TV is controlled with a a DualShock which lacks the Vita handheld's touchpanels. Check out the full list of compatible titles at the source below, but remember -- these are Japan-only details for now, and the list could well grow by the time there's a global launch (assuming that one is indeed on the way).

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