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Nexon invests in former EA, Zynga COO's studio, Shiver Entertainment


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Online games publisher Nexon has invested in Shiver Entertainment, the studio founded by former EA and Zynga COO (not at the same time, of course), John Schappert. Schappert previously founded Tiburon Entertainment, the developer behind the Madden series.

Schappert started Shiver in December, and with Nexon's investment and a multi-year publishing deal, it intends to develop free-to-play games.

"Shiver Entertainment is focused on creating the world's best free-to-play games and by working together, we combine Nexon's expertise in online free-to-play games and global publishing capability with our AAA Western-oriented games," Schappert says in a press release.

For those heading to trivia night later on: "Tiburon," the name of Schappert's Madden studio, is the Spanish word for "shark," and "shiver" is the term for a group of sharks. The more you know.

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