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Beyond: Two Souls Video Preview


Spoiler alert: The video preview above contains a smattering of story scenes from Beyond: Two Souls, an upcoming PlayStation 3 game anchored by exquisite recreations of Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. One of them drops an F-bomb too, so watch out for that.

Director David Cage describes it as spiritual successor to Heavy Rain, polished to a Hollywood sheen and driven more by the events in the protagonist's life than a barrage of repeatable video game mechanisms. The primary source of intrigue in Beyond, and its most liberal form of interaction, is a disembodied character named Aiden. This supernatural entity is attached to Jodi, the protagonist played by Page, and allows the player to pass through walls, manipulate objects and temporarily possess unwitting bystanders.

Beyond: Two Souls hits the big screen (in your house) on October 8, 2013.

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