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Project Phoenix ends Kickstarter campaign by soaring past $1M


JRPG-styled RTS Project Phoenix blazed to $1,014,600 when its Kickstarter campaign ended this morning. That money plus the $44,241 donated over Paypal meant the final total was $1,058,841, meeting the stretch goal for a "fully explorable overworld with an upgraded combat transition," along with the rather vague "Fight inside the Kraken."

Project Phoenix raised ten times its funding goal, backers both buying into the concept of a fantasy squad-based RTS layered with JRPG design, and the illustrious names behind it. Creative Intelligence Arts' team includes Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu and artist Kiyoshi Arai, while long-term RPG dev Hiroaki Yura is directing and producing the game.

Project Phoenix is set for Windows PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Vita in mid-2015, while a different iOS version is due too. That's a long old time to wait, but in the meantime fans can still donate to the game via PayPal, although they won't earn backer-exclusive rewards.

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