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Champions Online suffers from an invasion... again

Eliot Lefebvre

Attention players of Champions Online: Millennium City is being invaded! Wait, what do you mean by "again"? Yes, the city does get invaded on a fairly regular basis as this is a superhero game, but this time it's serious! It's robots! Specifically, robots that appear to be controlled by Dr. Destroyer, also known as the guy who ruined Detroit (like, more than now) and who has long been presumed dead.

We know, normally an invasion of the city by any sort of robot elicits little more than a yawn and an inquiry about what to do for lunch, but there are rewards to be had too. The Drifter is collecting the cores of these Destroids in an effort to learn whether or not these are a knockoff of Dr. Destroyer or the genuine article. So log in and start defending Renaissance Center, and get ready for the Mega-Destroids slated to attack Champions HQ later in the month. Because of course they are.

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