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Metroid-style action game Blood Alloy jumps to Kickstarter


Suppressive Fire Games recently launched a Kickstarter project to fund its first game, Blood Alloy, a 2D "Metroidvania-styled" action game. The game is in development for PC, Mac and Ouya.

Blood Alloy has players running-and-gunning through a dystopian, futuristic world "teetering on the brink of apocalypse." The game's creator, Frank Washburn, cites the Metroid, Turrican and Dark Souls series as inspirations for Blood Alloy's "non-linear exploration with optional pathways, hub areas, shortcut creation and discovery, and tons of secrets."

Washburn is seeking $50,000 by October 10 on Kickstarter, and says that 75 percent of the Blood Alloy's funding will go towards paying the independent contractors that will help develop the game, while another eight percent will cover marketing, legal and licensing fees.

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