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Watch BioWare's lightsaber-fueled live-action SWTOR ad


Live-action trailers for MMOs (and games in general) are sort of hit and miss. On the one hand, a live-action video can be so over-stylized and vague that it leaves viewers saying, "Uh, what?" On the other hand, a well-made live-action advertisement has a way of drawing new interest toward a game and its world.

If you're looking for a live-action trailer that falls in the "uh, what" category, it's hard to beat this head-scratcher for Guild Wars 2. But if you want to see a live-action that more successfully integrates real-life and video games, BioWare's new commercial for Star Wars: The Old Republic is pretty spot-on.

The ad accompanies BioWare's announcement that new players, active subscribers, and lapsed subscribers who reactivate between today and October 20th will receive a JA-3 Subversive Battle Droid Mini-Pet and a JA-3 Subversive Speeder. Additionally, the studio confirmed that Game Update 2.4, slated for October 1st, will include new 4v4 Warzone Arenas and PvP tweaks.

Check out the new ad after the break, and don't miss our coverage of SWTOR Game Update 2.4.

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