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Breakfast Topic: Have you watched 5.4's end cinematic?

Anne Stickney

Spoilers. Plenty of people avoid them like the plague, and plenty of other people eagerly seek them out. The end cinematic for patch 5.4 is now available for viewing and as such, plastered all over the internet. As a writer for a WoW-centric website, I really don't have any choice in the matter, as far as watching trailers goes. But you guys, as players of the game, have that choice. You can choose to go check out the cinematic, or you can choose to keep your eyes firmly in check until you drop Garrosh for yourselves.

So I'm curious -- which route have you taken? Did you eagerly gobble up the info the second it went live, or have you remained firm in your resolve to keep these kinds of surprises a surprise? Does your guild have a policy on blurting out spoilers in guild chat, or do you have to go to great lengths to keep your Warcraft experience as spoiler-free as possible? What's your personal stance on spoilers -- do you like reading them, or do you view them as something that ruins the overall experience?

Please note that I'm not asking anything about patch 5.4's trailer here -- I'm asking about your viewpoint on the possibility of spoilers in content. Let's keep the comments free of any spoiler discussion regarding patch 5.4, and instead talk about the nature of spoilers themselves, and how they affect you guys. We'll save the 5.4 chatter for another day.

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