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'lilt line too!' steers itself to Kickstarter

Different Cloth, developer of the IGF award-winning rhythm game lilt line, has traced a neon path to Kickstarter to fund lilt line too!. lilt line too!'s Kickstarter campaign has collected £2,521 in donations at the time of this writing and is seeking £15,000 to develop for the iOS. Stretch goals include ports to Android, Vita and the Wii U.

Although lilt line tasked players with guiding a line across a narrow pathway entirely from a top-down perspective, lilt line too! will utilize 3D environments and various camera angles. Players will pick between the 3D-oriented "fresh" and top-down "classic" game modes to switch between perspectives. The secondary task of tapping the screen to the beat of the soundtrack will also return in lilt line too!.

Beyond "at least" 20 new levels, lilt line too!'s Kickstarter page describes competitive online and local multiplayer. The online mode will pit up to four players against each other in a race to keep up with the beat and compete for the highest score. The former will convert the task of tapping the screen into clapping or shouting into the microphone, assigning one player the task of steering while a second keeps time with the beat.

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