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Oculus Rift VR Jam finalists announced - here there be dragons

S. Prell, @SamPrell

Oculus and IndieCade have announced the VR Jam 2013 finalists. If you've got an Oculus Rift and the compatible hardware, 14 of the 20 finalists are available to download and check out for yourself. Reinforcing the common knowledge that dragons are awesome and everyone wants to be a dragon, there's not one, but two dragon simulators on the list: Dragon by James Scott, and Epic Dragon by Aurelian Kerbeci.

The winning team will be announced September 19, at which point they'll receive the $10,000 grand prize and a trip to Oculus HQ. The winning team will also receive a trip to the IndieCade Festival, which runs October 3 - 6, where they'll have a showcase exhibition of their game. Check out the full list of finalists after the break.

  • Alone - Bryan Cohen
  • Chick Walk - Kevin Tsang
  • Ciess - Edward McNeill
  • Don't Let Go - Yorick van Vliet
  • Dragon - Morgan Jaffit
  • Dreadhalls - Sergio Hidalgo
  • Dumpy - Brian Schrank
  • Elevator Music - Julian Kantor
  • Epic Dragon - Aurelien Kerbeci
  • Komorebi - Fernando Ramallo
  • Lost Route - Sergey Brezhnev
  • Nostrum - Robert Yang
  • Private Eye - Jake Slack
  • Roleplayer - Joerg Pressel
  • Shiny - Janina Woods
  • Sight Line - Tomas Mariancik
  • Specter Seekers - Ryan Anderson
  • Stargazer - David Kalina
  • TimeRifters - Doug Wolanick
  • Virtual Internet Hacker - Lau Korsgaard

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