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O2 announces iPhone 5s pricing plans and they aren't cheap


O2 has officially announced its price plans for the iPhone 5s -- and they aren't pretty. As noted by Cnet, O2 now breaks up its tariffs for all phones sold under the "Refresh" plan, as the iPhone 5s will be. The tariffs are split between the cost of the phone and the airtime plans you purchase with the phone. To get 1 GB of 3G data, unlimited texts and messages will cost you £17 GBP. But that's just for the data plan. If you want a free 16 GB iPhone 5s with that, it will cost you £42 per month. The price goes up to £47 per month if you want 1 GB of 4G data.

Customers can get the plan price down by paying £320 upfront for a 16 GB iPhone 5s. In that case, the monthly plan price drops to £32. But considering you can buy an unlocked 16 GB iPhone 5s from Apple for £549, it might just be better to do that and then buy one of the pretty reasonable Three data plans, all of which offer unlimited data. For example, the unlimited data plan I have from Three costs me £21 a month. O2, like other carriers, is not offering pre-orders on the iPhone 5s. It will go on sale on O2's website at 12:01 AM on September 20.

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