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Pandora updates iOS app, tweaks branding a bit


With the general release of iOS 7 today, many iPhone and iPad users are going to get their first taste of iTunes Radio, Apple's new streaming-radio service. Not to be outdone, Pandora today released a flurry of updates meant to give the current leading streaming service a fresh look and new features.

The Pandora app (universal, free with in-app purchases available) has been updated to version 5.0, bringing with it a new look that is -- unsurprisingly -- in touch with iOS 7's design sensibilities. There's even a new logo on the app. Running the app on the iPad provides much more information now, bringing the version to parity with the iPhone app released almost a year ago. Artist pages, lyrics and additional information are now available on the iPad.

Pandora now has a new tagline, which doesn't do anything to improve the service, but sure sounds great: "Let There Be Music." Like all good product intros, Pandora even provided a video. Since you haven't had your fill of artistically produced advertising today, we're providing you with the opportunity to watch this video and feel all warm and fuzzy.

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