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Wii Fit U available November 1 as download, December 13 as package


Nintendo announced today that Wii Fit U will be available as a free download through the Wii U console beginning November 1. Consumers have one month to demo the full product, which utilizes the Wii Balance Board, and, if they decide they like it, they can keep it with the purchase of a Fit Meter.

As Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata explained in a Wii Fit U Direct this morning (everybody gets a Direct nowadays), the Fit Meter is more than a pedometer. It is described as an activity meter, not only recording steps, but the intensity of activity and even elevation.

The Fit Meter is priced at $20 and will also be available November 1. Once the unit is synced with Wii Fit U, living room athletes will have access to it forever. Wii Fit U will also be available at retail in a "package" beginning December 13, and as a full game download through the eShop on February 1, 2014.

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