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Breakfast Topic: Will you be participating in Brewfest?

This year's Brewfest holiday has begun! This in-game Oktoberfest-alike has been a regular World of Warcraft resident since 2007 and offers plenty of amusements... at least for gamers who haven't ridden this merry-go-ground more than once already. We don't expect anything new this year -- though gamers who didn't hit level 90 before the holiday last year will now finally be able to tackle holiday boss Coren Direbrew.

And so the question of the day is: will you be participating in this year's holiday? Or have you done it enough times that you're tired of the revelry of Brewfest? Participants will, of course, appreciate our guide to this year's Brewfest achievements. But for those of you who aren't, why don't you tell us what you'll be doing in-game instead?

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