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Bartender for Mac updated with support for OS X Mavericks, dynamic menu items


Bartender is a wonderful tool for organizing your Mac's menu bar. When a new app is installed, it regularly adds yet another icon to your menu bar, creating clutter that makes it harder to find the app you really want. With Bartender, you can set which app icons appear in your menu bar and in what order they're shown in.

Now Bartender has released version 1.2, and they're holding a special sale on the program to celebrate. Until September 30, 2013, you can buy the app for just US$10, down from the regular price of $15. Here's what you can expect from version 1.2:

  • Full Mavericks support, including multi-monitor with separate spaces / menu bars.
  • Show for Updates for System Items. This allows you to set the battery menu to appear when you connect the power cord, or only show Time Machine when a backup is in progress.
  • Show for Updates for all apps now uses image recognition to determine if the Menu Bar Item has updated.
  • Ever wished you could simply drag something to an app hidden by Bartender? Dragging anything to the Bartender Menu Bar Icon will now perform the default click action. For most users this is to display the Bartender Bar; this is to allow dragging to apps such as CloudApp, etc.
  • Reduced Bartenders power usage optimized for Mavericks.
  • Increased app compatibility.
  • There are many advances and bug fixes included in this release. You can view them here in the release notes.

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