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Microsoft Surface Pro 2 unveiled, is a 'full-power PC'


The Surface Pro 2 is a follow-up to Microsoft's Surface Pro, the $900 base Windows 8 tablet that launched in February, Engadget reports. Surface Pro 2 includes a stylus and a bunch of upgrades, as Microsoft announced today: It has 50 percent more color accuracy, it's 20 percent faster, battery life is 75 percent better, it has improved speakers and it runs much more quietly.

The kickstand also got a revamp, and Surface Pro 2 has ports for three USB 2.0, one USB 3.0, a mini DisplayPort, ethernet, audio in and out, and charging. Microsoft calls the Surface Pro 2 a "full-power PC."

The original Surface Pro was notable to game fans because it expanded on the $500 Surface RT, adding a full version of Windows 8 and beefed-up guts capable of running most games in the Windows Store.

Surface Pro 2 launches on October 22 and pre-orders go live tomorrow, September 24, at 8AM EST. The base model, 64GB hard drive and 4GB RAM, starts at $900. Price will climb with suped-up models, up to a 512GB hard drive and 8GB RAM.

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