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Latest dev blog highlights PvP aspects of Pathfinder Online

MJ Guthrie

In its latest dev blog, PvP is heralded as the core of Pathfinder Online. And designer Tork Shaw offers a broad overview of the different levels of PvP combat that players have to look forward to in the upcoming sandbox. One level is settlement conflict, or territory control, where hundreds of members can fight for and defend their player-run settlement when it's at war with others. On the other hand, since companies have between eight and 50 members, these conflicts are on a smaller scale. Companies can declare feuds with one another and participate in shorter bursts of warfare. An additional level of PVP in Pathfinder will be found in factional conflicts.

The blog continues by stating that the idea of PvP flags is being revisited. It also outlines the basics of the alignment and reputation systems, and it assures players that bounties still exist. For more details on these systems and the various conflicts, check out the full blog post.

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